Flavor, meet good-for-you.

  • 5 Calories
  • 0 Sugar
  • 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C
  • Hydrating Electrolytes from Potassium
  • Essential Antioxidants
Made from 100% recycled plastic icon

Powered by lemons.

Meet the new squeeze on healthy hydration.

Lemon Perfect is a super-refreshing, full-flavored, hydrating lemon water with no sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners. We squeeze half an organic lemon into every bottle to make superfruit hydration more convenient, delicious and blissful than ever.

Powered by lemons.

"Best thing I’ve found since starting my keto diet. Thank you!!! SOOO good!"

- John D.

"They actually use real lemons! Just hands down the best drink."

- Miranda

"My favorite alternative to water! It's so delicious and refreshing with just enough peach to sweeten the lemon."

- Dave S.

"I literally hate drinking water, so staying hydrated is always a task. I love Lemon Perfect!"

- KW

"Tastes delicious! A great addition to add to your daily water drinking. Having a hard time not drinking the entire case in 2 days!"

- Stephanie
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Woman holding Lemon Perfect Variety Pack
Basketball Player drinking Lemon Perfect
Lemon Perfect in the sky

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