Flavor, meet good-for-you.

  • 5 Calories
  • 0 Sugar
  • Hydrating
  • Essential
  • Naturally

Powered by lemons.

Meet the new squeeze on healthy hydration!

Lemon Perfect is a super refreshing cold-pressed lemon water with zero sugar that tastes like you’re drinking vacation. We squeeze half a California-grown organic lemon into every bottle to make superfruit hydration more convenient, delicious and blissful than ever.

"Best thing I’ve found since starting my keto diet. Thank you!!! SOOO good!"

- John D.

"They actually use real lemons! Just hands down the best drink."

- Miranda

"My favorite alternative to water! It's so delicious and refreshing with just enough peach to sweeten the lemon."

- Dave S.

"I literally hate drinking water, so staying hydrated is always a task. I love Lemon Perfect!"

- KW

"Tastes delicious! A great addition to add to your daily water drinking. Having a hard time not drinking the entire case in 2 days!"

- Stephanie

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